What is Ouroboros?

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“Everything goes, everything comes back, then the wheel of being revolves forever. Everything dies, everything blooms again; the year of being lasts forever.” Thus Spoke Zarathustra | Friedrich Nietzsche

“Auroboros” Painting – Kathryn Brimblecombe

What is Ouroboros? Ouroboros represents self-creation in its most basic sense. We will all go down to the roots of the symbol to comprehend the concept of ouroboros, which is symbolized by a snake or dragon figure eating its own tail. For this reason, this article will not only be read and extracted from the article, it will not be an “understandable yazı article, but an application to assimilate symbolism and interpret the symbols.

Our blog in this remote corner of the internet world, Beyond Time, chose the symbol of ouroboros when it first opened 8 years ago. Once you understand what ouroboros symbol literally means, you will also understand why it chose it. You can see the symbol in the blog’s facebook and instagram accounts, it wasn’t intentionally posted to the website, because the snake image can create an uncomfortable feeling for most people. I know a lot of people who have snake phobia (I’m actually one of them), but snake symbolism has deep meanings that have embraced our genes. Perhaps our fear of snakes is due to information in these genes. The reason we got kicked out of heaven was that a snake entangled us in the knowledge tree.


You don’t need to mix the encyclopedia to understand what ouroboros symbol represents. All you have to do is examine the symbol and play the symbol with your imagination like a video. You see the snake starting to eat its own tail. Continue this action and collect the concepts that have formed in your mind.

The mind first starts to produce questions. Neden Why does the snake eat its own tail, it’s ridiculous and a little disturbing… ”

When we start to think why the snake eats its own tail, you have to let the answers come. Because the answers will come. You just need to be open-minded and free of prejudices. Since the snake eats its own tail, there’s nothing to eat. The snake feeds on itself. For example, this may be one of the answers, but not the only answer. I’m sure everyone will find other answers in their own way, and that’s the beauty of symbolism. There is never a single answer sembol So symbolism is alive. Always updated.

The video continues to play çe As the snake continues to eat its own tail, the question arises: ne What happens in the defeated snake? ”


One thing we learn from documentaries about snakes is that they can eat almost anything. They even eat a crocodile. Digestive systems have a very strong acid and can melt and digest everything. It is obvious that snakes eating their own species cannot survive their tails. The tail will not disappear but will turn. This is our keyword: Conversion

As the video comes to an end, our confusion increases: kadar How far can the snake eat itself? ”There will come a moment and the snake’s teeth will reach just behind his head. It will even touch his eyes… Meanwhile his entire body will be digested in his acid. His body will now be transformed into energy, and when he tries to eat his own head, if we move the video further, the snake will disappear. Only energy will be left behind, but even that energy will keep in itself.

In the absence… 🙂

You don’t have to stop the video here. By contemplating on it you can reach even deeper meanings.


Now let’s come to technical knowledge… The roots of the symbol of Ouroboros go back to the 14th century BC. The first use in literature is found in the inscriptions used in ancient Egyptian funeral rituals. These inscriptions were read at funerals to help protect the deceased’s soul in later life. Especially in the grave inscriptions of Tutankhamen, two snake figures eating their own tail are found. According to the inscriptions, one represents the sun god Ra and the other represents the underground god Osir. These figures emerge at the moment of the merger of Ra and Osiris. Again, according to the inscription, this unified figure of Ra and Osiris represents the beginning and end of time.


In another ancient Egyptian inscription, this semobol represents the chaos surrounding the world in order. But this is such chaos that it is in direct relation to the periodic renewal of the world.

The symbol is also adopted by ancient Greek literature. Indeed, mythology enthusiasts will not be surprised because all ancient Greek philosophy is a carbon copy of ancient Egypt. Platon mentions ouroborost in his “Timaeus:

Ilk The first living thing in the universe is a self-eating circular entity. An immortal, perfectly formed animal… The living being had no need for the eye when there was nothing left to see; or when there is nothing to be heard. There was no surrounding air to breathe; or there could be no use of organs that could get him to eat his food and get rid of it because he had digested it, because there was nothing coming out of it or getting into it: so there was nothing other than that. Because of the bill in his creation, his surplus provided his food, all the pain he did or suffered was brought about by himself. For the creator who understood this, a self-sufficient being would be far more perfect than nothing, and since he would not need to take anything or defend himself against anyone, the creator felt it was not necessary to give him a hand, or the foot or the entire walking apparatus; but the movement that conformed to its spherical form had been allocated to it, all of the seven most suited to reason and intelligence; it was made to move in the same manner and on the same point, rotating in a circle within its limits. But the other six movements were taken away from him and made so that he could not be included in his deviations. And since this circular movement did not need a foot, the universe was created without feet and hands. ”


Ouroboros is often depicted in the alchemy literature as two dragons eating each other’s tail. Parallel to its first use in ancient maize, what is symbolized here is that the opposites complement each other, that is, a kind of ying yang symbol. According to the art of alchemy, the greatest work is the study of man himself. In order for man to perform alchemy on himself, he had to interact with the shadow side in order to create transformation and absorb the shadow side within himself, just like the combination of Ra and Osiris. (See Dark Side, Will & Adulthood) So we can interpret ouroboros’ eating of its own tail as an attempt to unite all its opposite poles, both material and spiritual, good and evil, internal and external.

The symbol was adopted by many philosophical schools as well as in eastern mysticism. According to Yoga Kundalini Upanishad, who lived in the second century, “The holy power shines like the body of a young lotus, rests like a snake, wrapped around itself, holding its tail in its mouth and lying at the bottom of its body, half asleep. Yoga

kaduse ouroboros

The so-called Kundalini energy is believed to be in the coccyx of the body and is symbolized by a sleeping snake. The term “Kundalini awakening gelir comes from here. It is believed that when this energy awakens man will gain many supernatural angels or experience enlightenment. There are actually two snakes, one of the snakes in the root chakra, while the other enters the body through the crown chakra. When these two snakes combine, it is believed that man completes his divine cycle. Readers interested in energy will realize that these two energies are universal energy and bio energy. Coincidentally, two snakes are mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the first written work in history. Because of these two snakes, Gilgamesh lost the herb of immortality, but received a valuable teaching of immortality. Again, it is a coincidence that because of this story, the symbol of medicine is two snakes wrapped around a stick.

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As you can see, symbolism is like a tree with an infinite arm. Like the branches of the tree of life, every symbol leads us to another creature. As we contemplate on symbols, we travel the world and even the universe in our minds, but it is again where we come from. Everything comes to man because everything is human observation, self observation gözlem

I believe that contemplation is a form of worship. You can contemplate on Ouroboros or other symbols and perhaps find traces of them in your life. Moreover, you can understand yourself, unite your own snakes, start your transformation, go beyond time.

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