The Gift Netflix Series Review & Hero’s Infinite Journey

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“The aim is not to see, but to realize that the person is the essence, then one is free to move around the world as the essence. Moreover: the world is the essence. The essence of the self and the essence of the world: these are one. no matter what he does, he is in the presence of his own essence, because he has the flawless eye that can see. There is no separation. ” – Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces

The Gift – Beren Saat

The Gift Netflix series will be analyzed and this article will be an analysis of the infinite journey of the hero. Therefore, those who do not think to watch the series can read the article. For those who like to watch, this article includes spoilers.

Netflix’s second original Turkish series The Gift; an adaptation of the book by the author Şengül Boybaş, “The Awakening of the World”. They used Göbeklitepe as the venue for the first season we will analyze the series. They did it very well because the discovery of Göbeklitepe, which changed the history books as the place where the history of world civilization began, was introduced to the world through another channel. Rather than acting, space usage and other elements in the series, this The Gift series review will focus on the scenario. We will give you the subtleties of fishing, not fish, but just as much as if we were to give information about not only the definition of symbols and concepts, but also how to approach them. This kind of approach actually hurts me as the blog owner because I get the readings but instead of lowering the number of readers by giving technical rather than increasing the number of regular followers. These writings, which go beyond time, are worth years to inspire even one person. 🙂

Let’s go step by step… First, let’s chek out the materials of The Gift.

Location: Göbeklitepe

Göbeklitepe / Şanlıurfa / Turkey

Göbeklitepe is the oldest known temple in the world located near Örencik Village of Şanlıurfa. The discovery of the ruins that began to be discovered in 1994 with a German-Turkish joint archaeological team changed the world history as well as our perspective on history. Because it was thought that hunter society started to settle with agriculture. In studies conducted in and around Göbeklitepe, it was revealed that it was not agriculture but religion that caused settled life.

Göbeklitepe / Şanlıurfa

Although the findings are controversial, the most powerful indicators currently show that this community, which lived around Göbeklitepe, 6000 years before the Stone Age, established their civilizations around this temple. You can reach the notes of Göbeklitepe excavation chairman Klaus Schmidt with Mehmet Özdoğan’s presentation. Since Göbeklitepe is the subject of a completely different article. It is sufficient for us to know that this discovery is the beginning of the history of belief known to mankind.

The Gift Symbol Meaning

The Gift Symbol

We can call it a kind of ancient alchemical formula for the symbol of the Gift. In the symbol drawn by the painter Mehmetcan Yaman for the series, there are actually the most basic geometric shapes found in human history. The most common of these is undoubtedly the rings. If we interpret it in terms of alchemy symbolism, the people represent the universe, the whole universe, the existence. The point in the middle of the ring represents both the sun and the self. The mine is gold. The semicircle certainly represents the crescent moon. The moon represents our dark side, our subconscious in symbolism and alchemy. Eelmenti silver. The center of the Gift symbol is the combination of two triangles facing opposite directions. The combination of fire and water. In alchemy, this is called the fusion of masculine and feminine. If we take the rings together with their rods, it can be read as the merger of Venus and Mars, which are compatible with each other.

This symbol is actually created with such a simple combination that its simplicity is impressive. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with the show so much, but I loved the story just because it was visualized with this symbol. Because only this symbol tells the whole series. Arak Therefore, it would not be possible to mention this as the symbolism block in this remote corner of the internet world. 🙂

Alchemical Symbols

What do we mean? First of all, let’s examine one side by dividing the symbol horizontally in the middle. It’s a symmetric symbol. Atiye’s shadow self is asleep. The lower semicircles, the crescent, are in a state of sleep, a movement that somehow transmits messages to Atiye, motivates them in a way that they do not understand, and affects Atiye’s self. The self of Atiye, the lower ring, moves with this motivation and starts to move towards the point in the middle of the symbol. Atiye is experiencing self-confusion since there is no point in the ring at the beginning. He doesn’t know who he is because the center is missing. As the horse moves upwards in a straight line, it forms the Mars symbol. (You can follow the symbols from the table above) So it reaches the masculine. The Erhan character in the show. The place they meet is at the center of the Atiye symbol, namely Göbeklitepe. Because both Atiye and Erhan will find themselves there, they will discover their lost selves. Thus, Atiye mixed the silver element with semir and water and created his own alchemical transformation and turned into gold. Since this subject is very symbolic, you can reach the detail in our “Alchemical Marriage” article. When you run the process from top to bottom for Erhan, you will see the process of finding him and his encounter with Venus. This is the first superficial interpretation of the symbol for characters.

Alchemy Symbols and The Gift Symbol

There is also a universal interpretation of the Atiye symbol on a macro scale for the script of the series. Since the symbols are multi-layered, this interpretation is inevitable and overlaps with the array. We said that the people without dots represent the universe. The two rings appear pinned to each other by a square in the middle in the Atiye symbol. So there is a door between the two universes. The square symbolizes the earth and the planet Earth. The equivalent in the series is Göbeklitepe. So the gate between the two universes Göbeklitepe. The point in the middle of the square represents the self. Therefore, when Atiye finds her true self, she can open the door between two worlds. He must therefore be at the right time all the time. If Atiye had been on the doorstep ahead of time, nothing would have happened, the door would not open. For this, Atiye had to go through that spiritual depression. Who am I on the eve of the marriage queries etc…

More reading is done on the symbol, but I leave the rest to the imagination and realization of the valuable readers. As a hint, you can read the symbol as what happens within a single person, not two universes or two. Ordinary, the person we are in daily life and our higher self that we are in fact, that we are afraid to show to ourselves, to confront…

Now that we have mastered the space, the symbol and the main story, let the Hero’s Journey begin! We will describe the characters in the series based on the template created by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 book “The Hero’s Infinite Journey“. Campbell created this template by extracting the common features of fairy tales, stories and myths that have been told throughout the world history. Influenced by Jung’s views (archetypes, collective consciousness, etc.), he created this enormous 17-step pattern. Most Hollywood movies that you watch nowadays are screened using this template. But don’t see it as just a scriptwriting technique. Indeed, this template is the outline of being human and of life. Campbell officially created a map of life bilgi For more information, see our ”Time Traveler” article.

Our main hero, Atiye, will reach the finals by following the path above. It’s not just Atiye. Dorothy in the tale of the Wizard of Oz; Alice in Wonderland; Neo in the Matrix; Prometheus, the ancient woolly god, and many more heroes live their stories by following this path. Who knows, maybe you will discover your own story and find out where you are on the map… 🙂

The Gift Series & Hero’s Infinite Journey

All stories begin in the ordinary world of the hero. This mediocrity is not for the observer, but for the hero himself. So for us audiences, Atiye’s avant-garde artist’s life may be unusual, but for him, he has become ordinary. It’s stuck in a loop.

One day… (yes fairy tales always become unusual after one day sentence :)) ordinary life starts to derail with an unusual invitation. Like letters that persistently sent to Harry Potter. This invitation comes when the ordinary life of the hero begins to stumble and fall apart. The invitation can come from the hero’s inner world or from outside. This invitation comes to Atiye with the old woman’s hallucination in the first part. So it comes with both an internal and an external sign. At this stage, the hero rejects the call for a long time. Ignore it. The supernatural forces or guides then step in and acknowledge the call. Thus, our hero, who can no longer remain indifferent, is on his way to adventure. When Atiye’s grandmother became real, not halisulation, she became her guide and guided her. This stage is also called encounter with the guide.

Atiye Guides

Then it is time to exceed the first threshold. The first obstacle on the road… At this stage, the hero takes his first step to leave the ordinary world behind. At this stage, the threshold guards step in and try to prevent the hero. Threshold guards usually come from within the family. Like some parents who prevent us from going far and reaching our own potential … They try to protect the hero from the outside world. Atiye’s mother played the role in the series. He even made Atiye lose her mind to keep her grandmother away from the guide. After Atiye crossed the threshold guard, the hero’s journey reached the stage called nı the belly of the whale şablon. Joseph Campbell explains this stage:

Fik The idea that the transition from the magical threshold to a rebirth area is symbolized by the whale belly, the image of the uterus, all over the world. Instead of seizing or compromising the power of the threshold, the hero disappears into the unknown and appears dead. ”

This is the moment when Atiye alone jumps into his car and goes to Göbeklitepe and his mother goes crazy. Because he’il get over the threshold guard and disappear. At this point, he meets assistants in Göbeklitepe. Some of them are spiritual and some are physical helpers. Like the girl with the star symbol on her forehead shows the way and meets Erhan. Then Atiye enters the belly of the whale, namely the cave in Göbeklitepe. He disappears there for a while and returns.

Cave under Göbeklitepe in The Gift

Then comes the exams path stage. At this stage new obstacles and challenges arise. The mother’s attempt to prove Atiye’s mental illness is like Atiye’s fiancé’s father’s background in his father’s affairs and his progression. Finding out who you are, knowing yourself kahraman At this stage the hero acquires new allies. Friend and enemy become more apparent, the ranks are kept.

The next stage is the depth of the cave. It is the second threshold of the journey. The fate of the entire journey, the center of this newly entered unknown world, is at this stage. The hero descends into the underworld to fight the monster. It is at this stage that Atiye goes down underground in Nemrut. Before the hero meets the monster, he meets the goddess and gets his final guidance. As a matter of fact, Atiye had met his own goddess underground but you could ask where the beast is. Here’s the beauty of the incident. The monster Atiye fought was himself. 🙂 Background… Selfishness, selfishness… In mythology, the hero usually fights with dragons or underground monsters, but he is also a metaphor. Because in these myths, the hero usually defeats and tames the dragon or monster instead of killing him. In fact, in the epic Gilgamesh Epic, which is the first work written in history, this situation is explained as the fact that our hero Gilgamesh fought with the creature he fought. Atiye confronts his past and sees his dark side and tames it. Of course, this is not easy. Therefore, the name of this stage is also great ordeal. It is the place where great suffering is suffered…

The greater the ordeal, the greater the reward. So the next stage is where the hero is rewarded. In the Matrix, like Neo, after having suffered great physical and spiritual pain, first to truth, then to infinite power, to be able to bend time and space even outside the matrix. It has alchemically transformed its iron into gold. That is why his whole view of life changes. After Atiye’s exit from the underground in Nemrut, Beren reflected the character change very well as an hour of acting. He was now looking more confident and confident. He was relieved. The reward he received was undoubtedly finding out who he was, knowing what he wanted. Which, I think, is the biggest reward in life.

Then the return journey begins. The hero returns to the point where he started because he has now taken what he has received, and will return to his home. Transformed dı Moreover, the hero has the mission to share and spread these new abilities with his environment and the world. But the path of return is also difficult because life gives the hero the opportunity to reinforce and use his new experiences. Sometimes the hero can refrain from taking responsibility. Campbell gives the following example of this section:

When the hero’s adventure ends, the adventurer must return from his life-changing trip. Hero; the reward must bring back the talent of wisdom that could end with the renewal of the community, nation, planet, or ten thousand worlds.

But responsibility has often been turned down. Even the Buddha, after his victory, doubted whether his knowledge of truth was transmissible. ”

On his return journey, Atiye encounters an obstacle to the murder of his brother and the crime is imposed on him. Threshold guard also prevents (symmetrically) the mother on her return journey and causes her to be locked up in a mental hospital. Atiye survives the hospital by going through the kahraman Salvation from the Outside ”and ülü Magical Escape daki stages in the hero’s journey template. At this stage, the Goddess reappears to Atiye and reminds her of the power within her. The hero, escaped from its closure with a mystical force, is now more aware of his power. We can give an example of AI The AI film for this part. In the final, the child robot was rescuing aliens from where they stuck under the sea…

In the final stage of his journey, the hero has now become the master of both worlds. As you can see in the image above, the hero moves between two worlds at each threshold. The first is the known or ordinary world that has always existed. The second one is the unknown world, known as the unknown or conquered by the journey. This is also where the hero internalizes himself and his inner wisdom.

“Just as someone takes off worn clothes and wears new ones, the bodied Self removes the worn out bodies and wears new ones. Weapons don’t cut him; fire does not burn it; water does not wet it; The wind won’t make him cold. This Self cannot be cut, cremated, soaked or chilled. The eternal, all-encompassing, unchanging, immovable Self is the same forever. ”- Epic of Mahabharata / Bhagavad Gita Chapter

The hero is no longer an illusion, he has attained the essence and freedom of real life, living, and has become immortal. Bringing back his brother who died in the first season finale of the series, Atiye has returned to life in time and now dominates time, space and even death, gaining the freedom to live and live, taking the fate into his own hands.

As we can see, even in a series that we watch to have a pleasant time, we can reach the main lines and keys of the truths about the deepest mysteries of life. In fact, it is not surprising that all the works produced throughout human history; inevitably had the mission of telling people. If we can educate our perspective, even without the need to educate pure eyes without the filter can see the essence of all the art and art tells us, helps us to find ourselves.

Just as Atiye’s story is not finished here, but on the contrary it has begun a new adventure that opens to new universes (Atiye’s necklace was two rings and two universes facing each other, the symbol had two universes). Because the journey may seem to end where it started, but in fact there is neither venue nor when. Only the hero himself. If the hero comes to the place where he started as a completely different person; the path is actually a snake eating its own tail or a spiral spiral. Just as the rings in the symbol turn into spirals in the final of the series … 🙂

Let our journeys from darkness to light… Ex umbra in solem 🙂

Have a nice trip 🙂

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