The Beyond Time blog is based on two pillars: Science and Philosophy of Existence. In fact, the two are not very different from each other, as all the sciences were born out of philosophy.

We will try to understand the universe through these two disciplines. Time lies at the basis of understanding the universe. Because time has a role in making all these interrogations as much as matter. Thanks to the two, you see, read and question these letters.

So is matter and time different? What is time? What does it mean to be free from time and space? What is nothingness? How did we exist? Who am I?..

To understand ourselves and the universe, we need to understand matter first. It’s time to understand the matter. Here we will share articles on understanding the key to everything. We’il ask questions. We will enter into discussions on the process of creation and how the background of existence works. We will also analyze the existential films.

Some of the theories mentioned in the articles are based on scientific research, but we will include theories based on thought experiments. In fact, the entire blog is a huge thought experiment … Most of the time we will leave the end of our articles open so that you can think, question. The aim of the blog is to question you a little bit.

Feel free to write any questions or personal opinions you may have, even if they are contrary to the claim. Knowledge develops as it is discussed. Half of the content of the blog consists of articles and half of the comments. Valuable comments sometimes overshadow even the writings. You can also contribute to this collective interactive philosophy blog by sharing your views and take your thoughts beyond time 🙂

Enjoyable reading to all of you.


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